Let’s celebrate National Vet Tech Week!

Let’s Celebrate the True Veterinary Heroes

Let’s face it, our veterinary technicians do not deserve just one day of celebration, they deserve an entire week of “pawsitivity” and “pampurrring”! Here at Valrico Animal Clinic, we recognize all the hard work, dedication, and love that our techs give to every animal they care for. While most may think that vet techs just give cuddles and get puppy kisses all day, our awesome tech heroes that do that and so much more!

Vet Techs perform essential tasks that help the doctor treat and diagnose pets

Not sure what all a vet technician does?

When a tech takes your furry friend into the exam room to be seen by the veterinarian at Valrico Animal Clinic, they perform the preliminary essential tasks that are necessary for accurate diagnosis by the doctor. Such tasks include:

  • Taking and monitoring your pet’s temperature and vitals
  • Assisting the veterinarian during the pet’s physical exam
  • Preparing the patients for surgeries and other procedures
  • Caring and monitoring for the pet after surgery
  • Collecting and testing lab samples
  • Taking and developing x-rays
  • Administering medications
  • Collecting and updating patient records

Our technicians do all this while also keeping your pet calm and safe while at the hospital.

As the saying goes, veterinarian technicians were created so pets can have their own heroes. We want to thank our extraordinary technician team for all they contribute to our hospital family and to the families of our patients!

If your pet is due for an appointment with Valrico Animal Clinic in Valrico, FL, please call (813) 681-6389 to book an appointment with our veterinary team!